Transgender Breast Reduction in Riverside

If you are seeking information on top surgery, the informal title for transgender female to male (FTM) breast reduction, we invite you to schedule an informative consultation at Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates. Ben Childers, MD is a skilled transgender breast reduction surgeon, offering top surgery to those who are undergoing a medical supervised, hormonal and surgical transition from female to male. Dr. Childers is highly qualified to perform this procedure, as he is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has obtained training at both Harvard Medical School and Loma Linda University.

What is Top Surgery? Information for FTM Patients

Top surgery is the conversational terminology for a procedure that involves performing breast reduction surgery on female to male transgender patients. In short, the surgery is designed to reduce the size of the breasts and create a chest contour that appears masculine.

There are three changes that need to be done during top surgery: making the breast smaller, placing the nipple at a more masculine position and reducing the size of the nipple areola complex. The basic operation is nearly identical to a mastectomy, followed by a nipple grafting technique that places the nipple in its natural location on the male chest and mimics the appearance of a masculine torso.

For patients that are already small breasted as females, going a simpler route – liposuction of the breasts – may be a consideration. However, many patients' breasts are large enough to require the more advanced mastectomy method of top surgery described above.

How Much Does Top Surgery Cost?

The cost of top surgery is an important consideration for many of our Inland Empire patients. According to the national average, the price of top surgery is approximately $6,000. In Riverside, top surgery is somewhat closer to the highest national figures because cosmetic surgery fees tend to be higher in Southern California. At Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates, we strive to make cosmetic surgery fees manageable for every patient with the financing options we make available. We also offer the nipple grafting as a complimentary service for every patient.

Contact us for Transgender Breast Augmentation in Riverside

Dr. Childers has performed numerous transgender breast reduction surgeries at his Riverside office. Each patient has special needs and considerations, which is why Dr. Childers and his supportive staff in the office and surgery center are committed to being as accommodating as possible. Before agreeing to perform transgender breast reduction on any patient, there are age, maturity and informed patient factors that a surgeon must consider. The best way to be certain of your eligibility for top surgery is to meet with Dr. Childers for a consultation.

Contact Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates to schedule this appointment with our Riverside top surgery provider, Dr. Childers. If he concludes that you are a candidate, he will be glad to discuss the prospect of being your transgender breast reduction surgeon. Call us at (951) 781-4339, or take a moment to fill out our contact form if you prefer to receive a call from our office.

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