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Unfortunately, the development of wrinkles, laugh lines and jowls are an unavoidable part of the natural aging process. The good news is that today, modern surgical technology allows you to erase and minimize these visible signs of aging with a facelift (rhytidectomy). A facelift can also slow down the aging process. The even better news is that a facelift can deliver results that actually appear quite natural, provided that the procedure is performed by the right cosmetic surgeon. There are basically two options: A mini-facelift and a full facelift. The decision to do one verse another will depend on a number of factors that will be discussed at the time of your consultation. Board certified plastic surgeon Ben J. Childers, M.D., F.A.C.S. of Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates will go over all options and explain the surgery in detail during the consultation.

How is a Facelift Performed?

There is no need for a patient to stay in the dark on what happens during a facelift. If you are undergoing the procedure, you have a right to know everything that takes place. With that in mind, here is a summary of the facelift procedure.

After the anesthesiologist (who is a medical doctor) administers general anesthesia, the surgeon begins by making small incisions, starting in the hairline at the top of the ear, then down the earlobe and to the back of the ear. These are discreet locations that prevent any scars from being visible to others. Next, sagging facial skin is removed, loose facial muscles are tightened and the skin is redraped over the face and sutured into place. That is the process, from beginning to end!

When done skillfully, this procedure creates an appearance of youthful, smooth skin, free from wrinkles, lines and sagging – and it does it all without giving anyone the impression that the patient has undergone surgery. For the majority of our Riverside facelift patients, people are unable to tell the person has had surgery unless the patient told them personally. This is another reason to choose Dr. Childers as your facelift surgeon; he prides himself on helping patients achieve the most natural looking results possible. Please see the photo gallery to see many pre-operative and post-operative photos.

Other Facelift Surgery Details

Because it is an outpatient procedure, a facelift can be completed in a matter of hours, at an accredited surgical facility overseen by a licensed medical staff. For Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates patients, the procedure takes place at either Premier Outpatient Surgery Center or Riverside Community Hospital.

After facelift surgery, patients can expect a recovery time of approximately ten days. The day after the surgery, the dressings are removed from the face; the sutures are removed approximately 7 days after the surgery. As for swelling and bruising, they should be expected, but they gradually subside within the first two weeks as well. Patients are prescribed oral medication to alleviate discomfort.

A facelift surgery can cost around $6,000 or so. The price tends to be higher in Southern California. Fortunately, a facelift in Riverside with Dr. Childers is priced significantly lower and comes with an optional patient financing plan.

Learn More About Facelift Surgery in Riverside

If you are interested in undergoing facelift surgery performed by an experienced, qualified cosmetic surgeon, contact Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates to request a consultation with Dr. Childers. Please call our office at (951) 781-4339, or take a moment to fill out our contact form to receive a prompt reply from a staff member. During your appointment, Dr. Childers will be happy to answer your specific facelift surgery questions.

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