Body Contouring Riverside: Body Lift Surgery from Ben Childers, MD

If you have ever undergone major weight loss, you know that one of the most bothersome, unpleasant side effects is loose, sagging skin. Sagging skin after weight loss originates from skin losing its elasticity. Gaining weight makes the skin stretch, forcing it to tap into all the elasticity it has; essentially, the skin becomes "overextended." When the weight is gone, that stretched out skin has no other recourse but to hang there. Sometimes, this is so unattractive that it leads to the person feeling as if he would have been better off staying heavy.

Fortunately, there is a solution for sagging skin after weight loss: body lift surgery. With body lift surgery, you can enjoy the smoother, tighter figure you lost the weight for in the first place. It involves a physician surgically eliminating all that excess skin, leaving you with the toned appearance you worked so hard for. Of course, you need a qualified cosmetic surgeon to perform this procedure; we recommend Ben Childers, MD of Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates.

Body Lift Riverside: Why Choose Dr. Childers?

When you trust Dr. Childers to perform your body lift, you are entrusting one of the most important surgeries you will ever undergo to a Harvard-trained, board certified plastic surgeon with decades of experience. In fact, one of Dr. Childers' special areas of interest is body contouring after massive weight loss.

At Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates, Dr. Childers has provided men and women alike with the attractive, esteem-boosting results they deserve to obtain from body contouring. Riverside, Ontario, the Inland Empire...patients from throughout Southern California seek Dr. Childers first for skin tightening surgery of the:

  • Abdomen/groin/midsection
  • Upper arms/trunk
  • Hips/thighs/buttocks

These are some of the areas of the body that suffer the most from stretched out skin after massive weight loss. Dr. Childers can trim away this unsightly skin, leaving the patient with smooth, attractive contours that make the weight loss worth the effort it took. Furthermore, he can provide results that look virtually non-surgical. Incisions are made in places that are discreet, so that no one will ever know there was a surgery unless the patient tells them.

Body Contouring Riverside: Recovering from Body Lift Surgery

Recovery times vary on the body lift procedure for each patient, depending on how many body areas were targeted with surgery. For general information purposes, we advise that you plan for a downtime of at least two weeks, with no work, adequate help around the house and plenty of rest. Patients who undergo surgery on many body areas will likely require more downtime than patients who undergo a minimal amount of surgery.

Body Lift Riverside: Request a Consultation

If you are eager to learn more about the body lift procedure, Riverside's Dr. Childers will be glad to speak with you. Schedule an informative, face to face consultation at Riverside Plastic Surgery Associates now, so that you can move closer to your final appearance goals as quickly as possible. You can view before and after photos of patients who have undergone body contouring in the same areas you require it, and can ask Dr. Childers your specific questions about the procedure. The practice can be reached at (951) 781-4339, or by way of this convenient online contact form.

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